Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cats For Gold

1. The baby is still a boy. As Brandon noted, baby Calvin is in the 80-95th percentile of growth in everything except his arms, which are at 57%; this means that he has "little T-rex arms." They'll catch up, but I'm hoping that his accelerated development means an earlier end to this pregnancy, which still SUCKS.

2. Seven more teaching days of school. I'm finding it really hard to keep on caring knowing how close I am to the end (and with prom and yearbook distribution coming up this week). I'm exhausted and just ready to be done.

3. My baby shower at home was awesome, and I got to see lots of my family and some of Brandon's too. I'm about set on stuff: I still need a stroller, car seat, first aid kit, and breast pump, which is awkward even to write. I also need a changing pad, which I forgot about. But mostly I'm set. We could have this baby tomorrow and have enough stuff to take care of him for at least the first week (as long as we don't go anywhere and he doesn't get injured).

4. I have no idea why I'm numbering these points; there's no reason for this to be a list. The items aren't even related. Let's stop that then, shall we?

I guess things are going pretty well. We're still waiting to hear back about Brandon's job prospects, which is frustrating and driving me up the wall. He's worried too but better at hiding it. Summer is closing in fast, which means two months of lying around doing nothing because I can't travel or anything. Brandon gets to go visit Lisa in DC when she's back in the country and I am a bit jealous. (Not of Lisa, but of the fact that he gets to see her and I don't. Just making that clear.) It's going to be nice not to try to balance work and pregnancy, and after the baby comes...well, I guess we'll see where we stand as far as jobs and housing go. I need to remember that there are still over two months until I have this kid, and that's plenty of time to find something. For Brandon, anyway--I still want to take some time off. I just hope I have that luxury.



  1. I'm crossing my fingers that Brandon finds a job soon, and that baby Calvin doesn't make his mommy wait any longer than is necessary for his arrival.

  2. I WISH I COULD SEE YOU TOO!!! But don't worry, I will send Brandon home with tons of fun stuff for the baby t-rex :) that is, if I still get to see him. love you both!