Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

Dear Calvin,

I can hear you behind me in your swing making adorable baby coos and giggles while I'm typing this. I love that you have started smiling and laughing this month, because it's the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life. I hope you keep on being a happy baby.

Today you are three months old, and you have gained SEVEN POUNDS since you were born. You are almost too long for your swing, you are up a size in clothes and diapers, you can hold up your head relatively well, and you actually have a wee bit of hair! Not enough to count, really, but I didn't feel totally stupid breaking out the hairbrush after your bath the other night.

Which reminds me: you love the bathtub! You've learned what happens when you kick in the water, and when I splash your chest you grin. You're still not too keen on grabbing things like your bath toys, so we're keeping them to the side for now, but you're learning to grab soft things like the pacifier holder (which is a stuffed bunny), towels, and clothes. You're swinging your arms and kicking a lot more and I know you'll be moving around soon, rolling or crawling or whatever you choose, and then I'll have to baby-proof the house and keep an eye on what you get hold of.

I took you to a MOMS club meeting where there were lots of other babies, or rather small children. You are not yet a small child, and you cannot appreciate how thankful I was that you were not stealing toys from other children or yelling and running in circles until you fell down. You were actually quite well-behaved and cute.

Also, I apologize for scaring you with my giant hiccups.

Love, Mommy

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