Friday, September 24, 2010


Brandon and I have a king-size bed, which makes sense because he is very, very tall. A king-size bed (and I'm going to interject here that I'm not sure whether "king-size" or "king-sized" is appropriate, but I have made my choice and am sticking with it) is the size of two twin beds, which means that theoretically two people sleeping in it have the equivalent of their own bed. This would be the case if you split it 50-50, but usually the split is closer to 60-40 or possibly, on occasion, 70-30. If it gets much beyond that, I shove.

I tend to sleep on my side, a habit I cemented when I was pregnant and couldn't sleep any other way. When you reach a certain size in your pregnancy, sleeping on your back is painful because it crushes your organs and sleeping on your stomach is physically impossible, unless you're a Weeble. (I'm just kidding. Weebles aren't real.) Brandon sleeps on his stomach, mostly, which takes up more space, but he also tends to start in the middle of the bed while I stay close to the side. If I ever fell out of bed I would probably damage my skull on the bedside table, but this has not happened yet.

I'm sure that if I wanted to move closer to the middle, it wouldn't be a problem. I'm just not comfortable with so much bed around me. Think of it like swimming: swimming in a pool is great. That's a twin bed. Swimming in a lake isn't so bad either. That's a full or queen bed. Swimming in the want to stay a little closer to the shore, or in this case, the edge of the bed. I don't know why I feel safer at the edge, but I do. It's one of those weird neurotic habits that I see no reason to kick.

Calvin, on the third hand for you mutants who are keeping track, sleeps in the center of his crib, arms out to the sides like a little baby Jesus, or over his head (TOUCHDOWN!), and he kicks around a lot so that by the time I go to get him at 4am he's turned himself about 60 degrees from his starting position. This is what I mean when I mention watching him spin. He does the same thing on the floor when he plays. He makes noises and moves a lot, especially on the way to sleep but even when he's out; I've wondered before if he has nightmares, since he sometimes cries in his sleep, but he calms down pretty quickly if I check on him.

If I bring him into our room and put him in bed anywhere near me, he flails around and punches me in the face. So I've started putting him on Brandon's side and letting him take up all the room he wants, and I go back to my little 40% side. It seems that I'm destined to split the bed unevenly, but I'm okay with that.

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