Monday, August 29, 2011

Things We Lost In The Hurricane

1. Power
2. A modicum of sanity

...that's about it, actually.

So we've been without power for two days, which is boring. We cleaned. Calvin climbed up AND DOWN the stairs. We lit candles. We tried to sleep with the windows open and our neighbor's generator sounding like a weed eater all night. I woke up in the middle of the night convinced that the night light I had rigged for Calvin out of an LED headlamp and the shade from my reading lamp was going to catch on fire, even though it doesn't even get warm, and had to go check on it at 3:20AM. We woke up with the sun. Brandon went to work. Calvin and I hung out and cleaned his room and napped and went to lunch with Brandon at work and drove around.

I don't know when the power will come back on but it's amazing how much I miss internet and TV. Honestly, the thing I really miss is that I only listen to music on my computer, and I can't do that now.

Right now I'm hanging out at Molly's hotel room, which they got because their condo is a billion degrees with no a/c. Our house, fortunately, has lots of trees to shade it and is well enough ventilated that it's not thoroughly unpleasant, but there's wi-fi at the hotel so I can write. And check facebook. And my email. There's nothing of consequence in my email. Sigh.

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