Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Year three

So we had our first official (paid) workday today, and I got home from it and started digging through our medicine box for the ibuprofen, but it wasn't there.  When I walked into the kitchen and saw it sitting on the counter I reached for it, zombie-like, and the actual word-for-word thought in my head was "OH MY GOD YEEEESSSSS."


This is my third--second and a half if you want to get technical--year at the school, and I moved my classroom.  The whole English department moved over to the alternate school side, and I painted the back wall of my room, see?

It's pretty much the best thing ever.  But you know what isn't?  I have 28 kids in my first class on Monday, and right now I have 7 desks (which is better than the 3 I had yesterday, but still).  I have no projector.  I have no Chromebooks, even though I'm supposed to be doing the 1:1 pilot, because GOOGLE HASN'T SET THEM UP.  Get on that, Google.

It's truly terrifying to feel so underprepared, and I'm lesson planned for two classes already.  I should be good to go.  It's completely out of my control.

I could keep on starting these entries with how awful I am at keeping track of my blog, but you've heard it all before and I'm not even going to apologize.  Instead, let me tell you about Calvin.  Calvin is 3 now.  He turned three with a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party that was the bee's knees and the cat's pajamas, with the cutest cupcakes a mama can make on her own and a pool in the backyard and squirt guns and oh my goodness did we ever have fun.  It freaks me out to have a three-year-old--and especially because last night he went to the potty by himself TWICE.  We may actually be making progress on this toilet thing.  I'm thinking it's time to start this whole process over again with a second child.  I can foresee absolutely no negative consequences to that.

I could also talk politics, but I feel so worn down by all the stupid shit going on in North Carolina that I just...I can't even.  I have to distance myself from it or I'll just get depressed.

Instead, I'll close by saying that I'm super excited for this school year, I love my new English department, I love my new classroom, I'm thrilled that Kate is back in North Carolina and within driving distance, I love strange things on the Internet (specifically Welcome to Night Vale, which you should totally listen to if you don't already), I love my friends, I love my husband, and I love my crazy ginger kid.  Life's pretty good for me right now, and I'm going to take the time to sit back and appreciate that.

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