Friday, May 22, 2015

An Update?

Oh, wow. Almost two years have passed since I paid any attention to this blog. In that time: I have quit my job to start teaching online and doing grad school in linguistics; I have taken my child to Sesame Place AND Disney World, I was on Jeopardy!, I got a new tattoo, I went to Sweden (I don't think I wrote about that, but it was two years ago), things move fast.

Brandon and I started learning to speak Swedish three years ago, and for his 30th birthday and our 5th anniversary I wanted to do something cool, so we planned a trip to Stockholm. We couldn't really afford it, but we did, and it was magical. We also purchased the house we were living in, so summer 2013 was one of seriously not having any money left. Summer 2014 was way more fun: I wanted to take a real family vacation, so we went to Philadelphia to visit Sesame Place, then up to New Jersey to see Matt and Lisa in Princeton and the Warner family in Weehawken. That also included a trip to New York City (of course), and Calvin was wonderful on the trip. He was the perfect age for Sesame, and the fact that it's mostly a water park was much appreciated.

In October I got a phone call notifying me that I should come to LA in less than a month to film Jeopardy! and I freaked out because I've been dreaming of that since I was old enough to answer in the form of a question. I went, I played, I got second place, and my friends all came over to watch it the day after Christmas. It was surreal, and still is whenever anyone mentions it. I decided that with the money we should go to Disney World (or, as Calvin calls it, "Dismey") so...we did. My brother helped us out with military discount tickets, we stayed offsite at a nice hotel, the weather was gorgeous and the lines were not insane, and somehow we managed to get the whole thing done for less than $2000, which is the amount that I won. So far, we are winning at family vacations.

My child is turning five next month and graduating from preschool. He starts kindergarten in August. I don't know where my baby went. He's four feet tall.

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