Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I thought I'd motivate myself to post by trying to stick to a pattern, but dinners (and evenings) have been less consistent, and I end up working until bedtime on actual work, or I just forget to post, so screw it. I'm still trying the Whole30 dinner things, though. That's happening.

Other important happenings this week:

  • Pluto is GORGEOUS
  • I finally found a Coke bottle with my name on it
  • Amazon's Prime Day was a giant disappointment
  • I went kindergarten back to school shopping for Calvin
(That last one is terrifying.)

I'm also working on determining a thesis topic for my 15,000 word paper for spring. I think I'm going to write about how the language of racism has changed since the Civil Rights Movement. I feel a little anxious tackling this topic as a white lady, but I also feel like it's an important topic and one I'd be interested in. My advisor actually cautioned me about the potential psychological effects of reading so much unpleasantness, which I appreciate.

This past year has been a good foray back into academic writing, and apparently I'm pretty good at it. I'm just hoping I pass the thesis on my first attempt so I don't have to do any remediation stuff over the summer and can go ahead and find a job at a community college or (fingers crossed) nearby college. We shall see.

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