Sunday, February 21, 2010

I thought I lost this post, but it saved it!

Work has been absolutely insane the last couple of weeks, to the point of me getting home after 8pm several nights. Also, I hadn't been sick for over a week and this morning/ALL DAY I've been nauseated, vomiting, and experiencing other symptoms I'd rather not share. Anyway, what's the point of this post? No new data as far as the baby goes, and although my belly has popped out like Punxsutawney Phil on February 2, the only reason I'm posting is to give you my hypothesis about the gender of my impending spawn. So here goes:

I's a girl.

I've compared lists of symptoms, and I will outline for you why I believe this.

1. Chinese Gender Calendar. This is something that's allegedly pretty accurate in determining your baby's gender--take a look at 22/November.

2. Morning sickness. Most symptom pages note that if you've had morning sickness (which good lord, I have) then it's likely a girl. Apparently boys are less likely to make you sick, and more likely to be active. I haven't felt any movement yet, so we can add that to the girl column.

3. Heart rate. Girls are allegedly above 140, and mine have been consistently high.

4. Cravings. All I've been craving is fruit. Boys are supposed to make you crave salt, and girls sweets and fruit. I haven't had any particular cravings for salty or sweet foods--just fruit.

5. Yeah, I actually tried this: hanging my wedding ring on a piece of dental floss (what? it was what I had handy at the time) resulted in back and forth motion rather than a circle. I don't know how that's at all reliable, but it's a girl symptom.

Most of the information I'm quoting comes from this site; I've seen places that say that if you're sick it's a boy, or if the ring moves in a circle it's a girl, so I don't know 100% that any of this is even remotely reliable. My guess would be no. But I wanted to put that out there so I can look back at it once the ultrasound comes back and see how accurate superstitions are.

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