Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh, dear.

Calvin would NOT SHUT UP for a long time, and finally I just put him on the blanket on his tummy. Within five minutes he was asleep. I had tried everything: I picked him up, I put him down, I changed his diaper, I fed him, I played with him, I moved him to my shoulder and my arm and my lap, and all he wanted was to flop facedown on the floor and go to sleep. This is strange. Usually anytime I put him on his tummy he squirms and makes noise and attempts to crawl, which is adorable; however, this time he barely even tried. He just smushed his face down onto the floor and crashed. It's been a nice hour or so, even though now he's trying to wake up, and in that time I've hung a picture, straightened up the living room, washed dishes, cleaned the counters and the stove, and taken two photos of him in that position for proof.

(15 minutes later)

So I change him and feed him and, again, he's fussy. He's sitting semi-contentedly in his swing but he's giving me that look that says "Mommy, you're on the internet instead of HOLDING ME, WOMAN, WHAT IS YOUR DAMAGE." I predict a wail will ensue...right about now. It's so weird how sometimes writing about having a baby is interrupted by actually having that baby.

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