Monday, January 10, 2011

Sabado Gigante

xkcd 771: "Period Speech"

We are supposed to get MORE SNOW on Wednesday, starting around midnight. Our area's looking at about a foot, if the weather people know what they're talking about, but this week has reminded me why I don't want to teach up here: school doesn't get canceled if it snows. North Carolina (and the rest of the Southeast) got snow today, and most places are getting at least two days off because they lack the infrastructure to deal with it efficiently. That's all well and good, but up here they plow immediately and you're expected to just go on like normal. That's why people in the South love snow, I think, and why Northerners don't care about it. Up here, we can't enjoy it. Down there, everything stops and you can just...have a snow day.

Calvin has learned to sit up from a reclining position, say "dada" over and over again, scream VERY LOUDLY AND FOR NO APPARENT REASON, and inch himself backwards in a circle. It's the strangest thing to watch. It's also really scary how fast he's learning things, and I'm starting to think about childproofing in a big, real way. He's obviously my number one concern as far as that goes, but also, I'll be starting to take care of Jack regularly next week, which means making sure that there's nothing for him to seriously hurt himself on or with (and he crawls and cruises, dear God) and that the house is clean. So that's the rest of the week's assignment: make the house clean enough that a mobile baby can navigate it safely.

Also, I'm going home in two weeks for Anna Lisa's wedding (and a visit with the family, including my mom's parents, who haven't seen Calvin since we moved). This means Molly and I will have seen each other for just under half of the month of January due to our respective trips.

Also-also, Fallout: New Vegas has a ton of bugs, and is therefore not as much fun as I had hoped when I got it for Brandon for Christmas. Sad face.

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  1. I love the screaming for no reason. Jack will teach Calvin how to clap and crawl. It will be awesome :)

    BTW, I MISS YOU!!! Enjoy the snow (seeing as you're not working) I'm jealous and see you soon!