Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Crap, I did it again. I'm really quite terrible at this whole blogging thing. You guys should see my baby now. Check this out:

Yup. That's my boy. He's three feet tall and he's a ginger. He's a lot taller than any of the kids in day care. He went through a phase of crying when I dropped him off, mostly after he fell and busted his lip, but then was fine for a long time until last week. He's had two ear infections in the last month, which is a bummer, and when he got the second one he reverted to the "NO DON'T ABANDON ME" crying he used to do, and it doesn't start my day off on a good note. He does race over to me at the end of the day and give me the best hugs, though. And the day care is a good place, from everything I've seen. The teachers know and seem to care about the kids, he doesn't cry for long when I leave, and he stays clean and gets food and a nap and a place to play and social interaction, and what more could I ask for? He's hitting the language explosion phase and we bought him a potty to try that whole thing. His words now include: slide, ball, beep-beep (car), button, TV, book, story, juice, mine, diaper, spatula (which was actually "payala"), and oh yeah, counting to five. He counts to five. Dear God, he's really not a baby anymore. He repeats a lot of things, which could be good or bad, so I'm making a REALLY conscious effort to control my language. I almost got him to say "dinosaur."

Work is going well. It took me a little while to adjust but I adore my freshman class, my tenth graders are crazy but all right, and I have one class on the alternative side that's hit or miss depending on their moods. We have this thing at the end of the day called team time where we get kids from one academy and we have some character development or career prep stuff to do with them, but no one cares about it and it's not well structured, so the end of the day is always chaotic. Also, I'm getting AP certified this summer! But I'm glad to be back in the classroom, and I like my coworkers a whole lot. There are some teachers close to my age that I've actually hung out with outside of school, so I guess I have friends here now. I like it. I like my school, I like my house, I like being close to friends and family. We've made a couple of trips to Raleigh, one to Asheville, one to Greensboro, several to the Charlotte area, and none of those drives are bad. We're driving distance to the beach (although it'd be a long drive--six or so hours) and will likely go at least once this summer.

We joined the YMCA and I've been working out, swimming or running or doing Zumba, which is super fun. They have an amazing outdoor pool and water park thing that Calvin and I are going to use this summer. And also, I'm going to the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE this July. It will be SO AWESOME. A lot has happened that I haven't documented well. I wish I were better at this, but it's hard when you're so busy.


  1. THREE FEET? I think Jack is just barely 30 inches. Your child is a monster :) and a cute one at that!

  2. Dude. Its IMPOSSIBLE to work full time, and raise a kid. Trust me. You dont have to give excuses. I gave up on giving them anyway.