Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

You know what?  I'm super happy I'm a mommy and I don't give a crap about Mother's Day.  I bought my mom candy at Walgreen's yesterday and she was thrilled.  I didn't ask for anything from anyone and I ended up getting Bojangles' for breakfast and that was enough.  I'm sick, and I've spent half the day sleeping and the other half cleaning and playing with my toddler.  It's a good day.  Also it's raining.

There's a part of me that thinks I had the baby too early (not just in the sense that he came out at seven months, but that he came out when I was 23), but if I'd had him any other time he wouldn't be the same baby and I WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW.  Such a strange thought to have.  It's just weird because my friends at school are all a little older than me and nowhere near the same life place as I am.  One of them is about to have his first kid, and that's as close as it gets.  The other teachers with kids are older by several years.  I feel like I don't totally fit into either group, but I like almost all of them.  Taking care of Calvin for the last two years and trying to keep him from destroying himself or everything we own has been exhausting, and I know that I'm nowhere close to ready for a second one.

Did I mention that Calvin broke his tooth?  Because he broke his tooth.  I don't know how.  It's the top left front one, and the bottom 1/3 or so is just gone.  I was changing his diaper, and oh hey, what happened to your tooth?  He wasn't upset.  Never cried.  It was fine when I got him from daycare and to my knowledge he didn't fall when I was home.  He had such pretty teeth.  But there was never any way he was going to make it through childhood unscathed.  Kid never stops for anything.  He runs full tilt around the house and only takes a break when he runs into something or needs food or drink.

Oh, and he's talking now.  Mimicking like a little parrot.  Today he said "Cheeto" clear as day when I handed him one and I had another of those Mother of the Year not-quite-two-year-old is requesting Cheetos by name.  He has other words, too, and he imitates people's sounds, including coughs and sneezes.  He was sitting in our floor going "Achoo!" earlier.

We're starting EOGs with the middle schoolers this week and from now until the end of the school year it's exams.  I hate this time of year; I have books to finish with both my classes, more writing work for Core, exams to write, EOC prep, testing training, and so much other crap that on the morning of June 9 I'm going to wake up disoriented from running out of things to do.  And then I'm going to spend my summer planning for fall, getting sun, swimming at the Y, cleaning my house, and trying not to waste it.

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