Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

I did absolutely nothing today. OK, not true at all: I spent the day with my husband, went to see if I could find some vintage boots for Ginny's Christmas play, visited Amna at Caribou (best coffee ever!), and allowed my husband to go see Parnormal Activity while I...did nothing. I love days off; they're so relaxing.

I'm getting bad at updating yet again. I can't keep track of these things to save my life. It's why I never kept a diary as a kid, and why it was such a big deal to me to even keep an agenda for a full semester when I went abroad in college. And I mean, I KEPT that agenda--I folded the pages down in a nice double-triangle pattern at the end of every day, and I kept it neat, and I was so careful about putting in assignments and appointments--I really thought that habit would continue. But I can't keep a digital agenda, and somehow the pattern slipped, and I've never kept it since.

Either way, home life is quite good. I have been doing (but not folding) a lot of laundry, cooking (but not washing dishes), and straightening up (but not deep cleaning) the living room and kitchen periodically. When you have a full time job on top of hosue duties, it's hard to keep up with.

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