Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To-Do List

I've decided to become a housewife.

This isn't a career change or even a major restructuring of my life. I'm just finding that more and more, I'm dissatisfied with my job (I teach high school) and desperately need a goal for the remaining seven months of school. I want something to keep me occupied and take my mind off of the job. So, the goal is this: I will improve my organizational and housekeeping skills and work to develop good habits where cooking and cleaning are concerned.

As I'm starting this, there are dirty dishes in the sink. There is a pile of laundry that has spilled outside of the hamper. The clean clothes are not folded--they're balled up on the chair in the guest bedroom. The living room is a mess. Our bed is not made, and neither is the guest bed, which doesn't have clean sheets on it. I'm seriously wondering if it's possible to start off any worse; I really am a terrible housekeeper. But I figure, it's a new quarter, it's November, I have seven months, so what can I do with it? It feels productive and I think it'll be good for me. Not only that, but there's a definite end result, which is a clean house (and hopefully less time spent sleeping on the couch).

At school we make SMART goals, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based. I think. I probably got it wrong. Whatever it is, this feels like a SMART goal. By June 2010, I will develop regular housekeeping habits that contribute to the improvement of my living conditions and hopefully the preservation of my sanity and feelings of self-worth. I'll keep this posted.

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