Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

Dear Calvin,

You are nine months old today, which means that if you had stayed on the inside for as long as you were supposed to, you would have been out for the same amount of time you were in. I'm very sorry for any trauma that you may have gone through this month, including bonking your head multiple times while you LEARNED TO CRAWL WHAT IS THAT. You're moving now, and it's scary.

This month I lost a very good friend, someone who really wanted to watch you grow up. Instead of taking you to a wedding in May, we took you to a funeral. It was really difficult, and I hope that I can teach you some of the love of the arts that I know she would have instilled in you.

There are so many things I want for you, and so many things I want you to know, but I know that you won't always listen to me or trust that I know what I'm talking about. That's okay, and I'll learn to deal with it. For now I'm taking advantage of the few times you snuggle with me, and the fact that I can still carry you around and make you feel better when you hurt yourself, and doing the best I can as a mommy.

Love you, munchkin,


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  1. Happy Birthday Calvin! Jack and I are so happy we met your mommy at that Halloween party!

    You are 3/4 of one year old. You should stop moving forward because you are becoming destructive at a rapidly alarming rate! You must stop with the moving for just another 6 weeks or so until I have completed school so that your mother doesn't have to resort to duct taping two babies to one spot on the floor :)