Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Snow Is Disappearing

Wow, I almost took a drink out of Calvin's bottle instead of the 2-liter Diet Dr. Pepper I should have been going for. This is what happens when you don't sleep.

Last night was Calvin's worst in months. He's teething (!) so he's been fitful. He cried in his sleep and woke up several times and was just generally unhappy, and that made me sad, and I spent half the night in the spare bed in his room and the other half in my bed after I realized that I can't sleep with his nightlight and it was hot under that denim comforter. Anyway, by 2am I was back in my own bed, and managed to sleep about 4 hours before he woke me up at 6 with his leg through the crib rails. Anyone know how to stop him from doing that? Yes, I have a bumper, and no, he hasn't injured himself (yet).

We went to the doctor today about his atrocious rash. Note:

It's apparently just some crazy eczema and she prescribed some high-strength cortisone ointment, along with some baby Benadryl to stop him scratching. He's still, as she put it, "wicked cute." (That's the one expression I like up here. But only as a modifier, not by itself. Something must be "wicked ____" in order to be cool with me, not just "wicked.")

I desperately need to work out a GOOD organizational system for the diaper bag. I'm still furious about losing the changing pad at Christmas; it makes me really sad because it was all coordinated and APPARENTLY you can't just buy the pad by itself, so I need to get my spare out of Brandon's car someday. Perhaps when I actually buckle down and organize it I'll post it on here so that you, too, can be organized like me. I tend to make sure I have everything I need with as little extra as possible, but it can be customized to fit your needs. Give me a day or two to get everything sorted and I'll do that.


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