Saturday, March 5, 2011


Calvin has a tooth!

Yesterday Molly and I were at the Wrentham Outlets with our babies. Calvin was in the side carries and kept on flopping backward to look up at the ceiling, and at one point I could see up into his mouth and...wait a that a tooth? I managed to get a finger into his mouth and feel that it was, in fact, a tooth that had popped through, but it was in the wrong place. Everyone told me that even if it looked like other teeth were coming in first, the bottom center two teeth would be the first to break through. I guess Calvin's just doing things his own way, because this is the top left lateral incisor (your incisors are the two middle teeth, and the lateral incisors are right outside those). Ordinarily that is the 5th or 6th tooth to pop.

I feel disgusting saying things like this, but I love my child and think he's the most perfect thing in the world. He's so pleasant and smiles all the time and makes the funniest noises.

We also got some AMAZING cupcakes yesterday at (5 Bites in Wellesley. They were delicious and the people there were so awesome, they pulled some cupcakes from the next day's batch because we had driven 35 minutes to get there! I went because I had a Groupon but I'll definitely be going back soon. Certainly when Meredith and Seth come visit, which is going to be super fun and is ONLY TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AWAY!

Anyway, Brandon's computer has crap for battery so I have to end this, but that's about all for now anyway.

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