Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unimportant Information

Things that have been going on, healthwise:

I was put on medication for my blood pressure, which was high. The first medication they gave me was your basic beta blocker, which apparently interacts with my inhaler, which they didn't know I had. So they switched me to methyldopa, which has dropped the BP numbers and left me with no unpleasant side effects! Which is good, because the first drug made my head tingle.

My next doctor's visit is my glucose test where they check for gestational diabetes. I can't eat any sugar the day of that visit. HOW WILL I MAKE IT THROUGH MY CLASSES?! Actually, probably with little trouble. After that visit I will have to go once every two weeks for a checkup until June, I think, when I start going every week. This is going to be so weird.

Things that have been going on, otherwise:

We had a lovely trip to San Francisco. I did a lot of walking and we saw all the stuff we wanted to see, and on the whole it was just really enjoyable. Nice, considering this is our last big trip for God knows how long. You can't travel with children. I firmly believe that after being on planes and in public with small children (see also: facebook status update about children roaring like dinosaurs).

Brandon is leaving for Boston tomorrow for a job interview. Wish him luck!

There was a painter in SF who had the most gorgeous paintings of his daughter that I wanted to buy. I can't remember his name; it was one word, started with a T, and we didn't buy one because we are broke and Brandon said it would be odd to have paintings of a small black girl in our house. If anyone finds this guy's name I will love you.