Friday, November 12, 2010


I skipped writing yesterday because I was far too busy watching Avatar and giving Calvin tummy kisses and taking a nap and going to baby playgroup and coming home to find that my wonderful husband had done all the dishes. And then I repaid him by not cooking dinner, which means we went to Five Guys and ruined our semi-decent eating habits for the week.

Before I get myself back on track with these writing prompts, which I really do enjoy, I thought it would be good to take a day here and there to write about things that are happening NOW and are important to me.

Last night Todd, Molly, and Jack came over to watch Youth in Revolt with us. They're our NEW FRIENDS! and that makes Massachusetts suck a whole lot less. Jack is two months older than Calvin and let me just say, I have seen the future, and it ROLLS. I tried putting Calvin to bed at his normal time and he was not having it (couldn't I see that there were people in the house? People who were not normally in the house? How could I put him to bed when there were new people here?) I put him, instead, on the blanket where Jack was chilling on his back. At which point Jack rolled onto his side and flopped one leg over Calvin and started poking at his face and arms as if to say, "Hi, what are you?" Molly pulled him back across the blanket so he wouldn't pinch Calvin, and he rolled over...once...twice...three times, and did the exact same thing as before. After we removed the obstacle of the four-month-old, he managed to roll himself all the way over to the swing, which is fully half of our living room floor space covered. At that moment all four parents in the room began envisioning mobility in their children--we were seeing something new and terrifying, and we knew that the next several years would be spent chasing down these mobile boys and taking away things that definitely should not be stuck in their mouths, or possibly saving them from making their own ramps to jump bikes off of in the driveway (true story: my brother did this).

Eventually Calvin went to bed, but then this morning he decided that hey! 4AM is a great time to wake up! He ate two ounces of a bottle and went back to sleep until right around 8, which was great because I don't think I would have functioned any earlier. Unfortunately, the diaper I changed around 8:15 contained a seriously offensive present created by our foray into solid foods, which so far include sweet potato and mango, neither of which seem to be particularly interesting to the boy child. I'll probably try peas or carrots or green beans next, but the more I feed him the packaged baby food the more I really want to make my own. It's just so much work, so I doubt I will, but I keep thinking of things I want to feed him and not finding them at the store. Target, however, has a better selection than most, so we'll see what we can scrounge up this afternoon.


  1. The green veggies make them gassy. Usually not too potent though, just loud and often. Pears are infinitely better than prunes if baby is constipated. If pears get on me, I don't mind licking them off my hand. Also, they don't stain. I hope you've invested in the plastic bibs. They can be wiped down or tossed in the washing machine. I told you to buy the stage 2 single foods, right? And just split them between feedings. It saves money because they're bigger and the same price as the stage 1 foods.

    I've been alternating orange foods with green foods every night (I have this fear that Jack will turn orange if we feed him too many carrots) and it makes for interesting diapers.

  2. The stage 2 foods at Target were actually 20 cents more expensive, but since it's four feedings instead of two it's worth it. This time I did just buy one thing of peas and one of carrots in Stage One size, because I didn't want to face the myriad choices in stage 2. But I do have plenty of plastic bibs.


    You NEED this!

    They even make little freezer trays so you can save your purees for later. So cute!