Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Dear Calvin,

Well, we've made it through the last month (of five) with lots of smiles and giggles and these ridiculous laughs that your father elicits from you that sound like you're going to choke with happiness. And we've also had runny noses, scratched faces, achy teeth bumps, inexplicable crying jags, and remarkably few late-night wake-up calls. On the whole, I give this relationship an A+, but I'm biased.

You rolled over the other day. You were so mad about being on your belly and you started squirming and twitching and attempting to fling yourself around, and you got onto your side. Your daddy got on the floor with you and we cheered you on, and then with one big heave, you flopped onto your back. The next day, you did it like six times, like it was no big thing. But then you forgot which way you knew how to roll, so you haven't done it since. I don't mind. I know you can do it, and you'll get the hang of it and start doing it a lot soon. I've decided not to rush you, and to be happy with what you're doing and when you're doing it. Before I'm ready for it, you'll be sitting and crawling and walking and then I won't know how to keep up.

You have made friends this month--or, rather, I have made friends for you. We go to playgroup every week to see Hunter, Christopher, Tyler, and Jack, and you sit in my lap and watch them play. They all move so much, and I know you want to. But you don't get mad, not even when one of the older babies reaches out and pokes you. They're just curious about you. I'm sure soon you'll return the favor. Making friends has meant a lot more to me than it does to you right now. I needed it, and I just happened to get lucky enough to find someone in that group that I like a whole bunch. We don't have to be shut-ins anymore!

It's getting colder outside and the trees are pretty much bare. Soon it will snow and we'll get to experience our first New England winter together. You'll be taking your first plane trip tomorrow, back to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Please be good, OK? I will find you something to chew on to help with the pressure change and I will give you bananas for dinner.

Love, Mama

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