Monday, November 1, 2010

Someone has a birthday coming up in a month and a half, and I'm not talking about Jesus

YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT: ME. I've always felt awkward about sitting amongst friends and opening gifts. It's why I felt awkward about bridal and baby showers (although in those cases, I really needed the stuff). There isn't even much that I'd like, but I did find these two items on etsy:

This will set you back a mere $26.50!

These are only $14.50!


As you can see, I am a very reasonable gift recipient.

HOLY CRAP THANKSGIVING IS IN THREE WEEKS. And that means...Calvin's first plane trip. WHOA. As thrilled as I am to be going back to North Carolina for a few days, I'm a little nervous about how he'll travel. So far he's been good in most situations--at seven weeks, he made the drive up here without incident. But he's a little older now, and a little more vocal. He learned how to yell over the weekend. We got him laughing and he started just yelling happily, which he's never done. He also learned to make kissy noises, which was fun. He sat in the car seat all the way to Hopkinton smacking his tongue and lips.

Calvin's also learning to sit up, which is BANANAS. He can hold himself up for a few seconds before tilting over, but he's very much on his way. Wednesday we're getting his Christmas photos taken. WHY IS EVERYTHING HAPPENING SO FAST.

EDIT: I also want these:

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