Thursday, November 18, 2010



Wait a minute.

No one even reads this blog right now. I'm writing it almost exclusively for my own entertainment. I never get comments. I never have people tell me "oh, hey, I liked that blog post you did." It's a great big internet, and not everyone cares about my life and my baby, even if he is the best baby in the world.

(Which he totally is, Meredith Babb.)

That realization is important, but I have not yet figured out why, because there are two paths I could take from this point:

1. Sink into a deep despair and stop writing.
2. Give the internet the ol' middle finger and enjoy what I write about.

I CHOOSE B! I mean 2!

There have been times in the past when people haven't read or commented, or at least haven't commented because Brandon USED to read my blog all the time, and I've quit or switched sites or...something. I don't know.

I hate the internet.

Anyway, given that I no longer care what any of you think about what I'm writing, here are some observations about my soup:

-Target's potato soup has disappointingly thin potato pieces in it. It's like, I go to make the soup and it smells like cheese, not potato. Nothing will ever compare to Chili's potato soup, and if this stuff is gross, I MIGHT GO GET SOME.

-I am eating lunch at 11AM. This is like being back at school my first year when we started at 7:20. That sucked.

-Oh God, this soup is not good. It is far too watery. The bacon I added is the best part.

-A soupçon means "a small amount." This soup could use a soupçon of awesomeness, which it is lacking. Why am I still eating it again?

-This stuff is going down the drain.


  1. Well, I guess I can give Calvin best baby in the world until Sue's GIRL is born, then, sorry, all bets are off. AND if little baby mexican gets her butt in gear and meets me next week, Calvin will be hard core of the running. Sorry.

    Also, as soon as Seth gets hired and I have a track-out we are coming.

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAY LET ME KNOW WHEN! Also don't die in Mexico! And stop insulting my child! I thought you were a misogynist, anyway?

  3. I READ! But Todd's stupid keyboard has funky placed buttons and if I hit the wrong key, the whole comment gets deleted...then I get mad and can't retype it because the second response is never as good as the first.

  4. switch to tumblr and I'll read it aaaaaaaall the time.