Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain is a catalyst for long naps

So Adele over at Mila's Daydreams wrote a lullaby for her daughter. I kind of love it. I'm also extremely jealous of her talent and wish I could come up with something awesome for Calvin, who is currently asleep in his swing with the blanket over his face. I worry sometimes that he might not be able to breathe under it but he never has trouble, and the fact that he's napping now for a long time means that he should be alert for playgroup!

Apparently Baz Luhrmann is remaking The Great Gatsby. I am a big fan of Gatsby despite my students' inherent dislike of the novel, which I don't blame them for. The language is admittedly stilted, which comes from Fitzgerald's own sense of superiority and that of the narrator, Nick Carraway, so it's at least justified. But they don't get into the story, and besides, it's a bunch of white people in the 1920s. They don't relate. Anyway, Luhrmann has allegedly cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, which I have no qualms with. I love Leo and think he's a phenomenal actor. There's speculation about who will play Daisy, though, and the two frontrunners are allegedly Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, neither of whom I approve. I saw somewhere a list of people in consideration and I'm throwing my vote in for Zooey Deschanel, because she can do vapid with hints of substance (and I mean that as a compliment; I'm thinking of her small role as Anita in Almost Famous). And also because I firmly believe that Daisy Buchanan is a brunette.

I need to feed the baby (and myself) before playgroup and I have a couple of errands to run, so I'm cutting this short, but if I think of more interesting things to share I'll post them at some point.

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