Friday, December 3, 2010

In which I discover that my son is capable of giving hugs

Molly and I took the babies to IKEA today. It was actually a really nice trip and we drove around half of Metro West Massachusetts looking at things. There are some unbelievable houses in Dover and Westwood. They are also unbelievably expensive.

I bought a couple of things at IKEA: a star bed tent for Calvin that I've wanted to get him since before he was born, a set of stacking cups, and a new thermos for his formula water. I also got some picture frames for $1. I will probably get others at Target or HomeGoods (I haven't even looked there yet). Also tomorrow Children's Orchard is having a bag sale: all you can stuff into a bag for $5. I am going to rock that sale.

Anyway, while we were out shopping I took Calvin out of the stroller a few times and carried him. There were two guys shopping in the kitchen section who thought he was adorable (because he is) and joked "Do they sell those at IKEA?" This was especially funny because there were two elevators down to the Marketplace: one shows a man, woman, and child icons, and the other shows two men and a child. Guess which one Molly and I took to the Marketplace?

At one point while I was carrying him, Calvin positioned himself in such a way that he was hugging my neck. It seriously almost made my cry because he hasn't ever hugged me before and it seemed like a conscious thing. Like he was holding on to me because he loves me, not just that it was a coincidental placement of his arms. I even moved his arms to see if he'd do it again and he did. It was so sweet, you guys. Then he pulled my hair.

I cut my thumb on something but I don't know what. It stings.

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