Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010

Dear Calvin,

Happy half-birthday! Today is also my birthday. I am a lot older than you are. And that means you should always do what I say, because I am your mommy and I know what is best for you.

You sat up earlier. I fully expected it to be like every other time I've sat you up recently, where you sit and wobble until you fall over in exactly the same way that a Weeble doesn't. But I walked into the kitchen to find lunch, and I realized I hadn't heard the familiar thud that accompanies your loss of balance. Sure enough, you were still upright, and I had time to take two blurry photos and one good one before you toppled. I'm terrified of this new development, but also really excited, and I've been sitting you back up for the last hour or so and seeing how long you can keep it up.

You also have a lot more hair than you used to, but that isn't hard, because you used to didn't have any. The grammar of that statement is questionable, but I won't fault you if you talk like that. But not yet, because talking is too advanced for you at this point in your life. Also, can we talk about your aversion to clothes? I love keeping you in a diaper all day. Less laundry for me. But you need to wear socks when we go outside. It is cold. It has snowed. And I love your toes too much to let them freeze.

Tomorrow we are flying down to see your daddy's family in Texas. You were so good on the plane last month that I'm hoping we can repeat that performance. It will be a longer flight at a different time of day, but I believe in you!

Love, Mama

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