Monday, December 20, 2010

A Valiant Effort

It takes me a very long time to write one blog post because often in the middle of it, the baby wakes up or cries or otherwise needs attention. He's in the ExerSaucer right now so I'm hoping I can bang this out pretty quickly, but we'll see.

We're heading to Texas in three days. I am kind of excited because it's been four months since we saw Brandon's family, and Calvin is enormous now, so it will be a big surprise for them. Also, kid went through a growth spurt and can STAND in the ExerSaucer now, and he's also got this white bump on his bottom gums that looks like it's going to pop...soon.

Brandon's computer broke this week; he thinks it's the charger, so he ordered a new one, and I hope it is because I am sick of sharing my computer. And I'm well aware that sharing is caring (except when it comes to STDs) but it's annoying to check my facebook feed and go "Who are these people?" before realizing that it's not MY feed, Brandon left himself logged in. Perhaps we need to create different internet profiles. Or I need to start using Chrome again.

It's been over an hour again, mostly because I started making Calvin dance to Arctic Monkeys and Motion City Soundtrack...and then fed him...and then put him down for a nap. But I think I had already written everything I wanted to.

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