Monday, December 13, 2010

La vie c'est épatant

There are so many moments in my days that I stop and look at this child that I'm responsible for bringing into the world and I feel so overwhelmed with love that I just want to cry.

Calvin puked on my new couch today and then had a poop-splosion out of his diaper. (Those were not the moments I'm referring to.) I gave him a bath and put on the lavender lotion that he seems to like so much, and then put him in his rocket ship pajamas. They're my new favorites, even if they are 6-9 months and are too big. No, the moment came after Brandon got home appallingly late, and had popped him into the ExerSaucer. I was scratching Brandon's head and trading sympathy (with him for his terrible day at work, and me for the fact that I have a nasty cold) and Calvin was pushing the duck and turtle up and down. They're on a seesaw that clicks, and he was pushing on it like it was the coolest thing ever. It was beautiful.

He has really started going for things over his head, which is cool, and speaking of his head IT IS SO MUCH LESS FLAT AND LOPSIDED. Thank God. He has his six month appointment on Wednesday and I really hope they tell me he doesn't need the helmet after all. I don't know if our insurance covers it, so I want to avoid it if I can. Also, new shots. Not going to be fun.

Our friends Ken and Amna and their adorable two-year-old are coming to visit us this week. Maya used to be my absolute favorite kid before I had one of my own (but I still love you Maya baby!) and she's such a real little person that it blows my mind. One day, Calvin will be dancing and talking and running around and it will be surreal. Maya will also have a baby sister sometime soon, which is EXCITING! This will be our first visit from NC friends, so it should be a lot of fun. It's a reason to go into Boston, and maybe the children's museum.

Oh, yeah, and I mentioned this earlier: I got a new couch. It was my Christmas gift. It is fabulous. We got rid of the old green one and got this fabulously soft, light blue-green suede couch with a chaise. Oh, I could lie on it all day. And it is so pretty.

Also, why is NC getting snow and we're not? I moved to Massachusetts with the understanding that I would be getting snow! NATURE, COME ON.

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