Sunday, December 5, 2010

Strange Dreams

Last night Todd and Molly came over and we played Last Night on Earth, the best zombie board game in the history of zombie board games. (I also watched part of Shawn of the Dead earlier in the day, and that might be relevant later.) During the game, or possibly after, we were discussing a bunch of random things, including drugs, and the fact that neither Molly nor I have ever smoked weed.

That night I had a dream, which I feel it is necessary to recount.

I was walking around somewhere (I didn't recognize the place) with a bunch of my friends, and we ended up at a swim club. The pool was in use for a kids' swim meet, so we couldn't go swimming in there, but there was a big well nearby--I call it a well; it was just a large, probably 12'diameter hole lined with stone and filled with water...and now that I think about it, it looked kind of like this:

In that game, you drain the water and walk down into the well, and it has steps and you find something you need. Whatever, that's what it looked like.

Anyway, we decided to go swimming in this well, and we all jumped in. I went first, but something I was wearing prevented me from swimming back up to the top, so I sank to the bottom. Fortunately, Jessee McClelland helped me get back to the surface. Thanks, man.

I don't quite know how we transitioned to the next part, except that there was a house near the swim club, and there were zombies on the loose. Our group got separated somehow, and a lot of people had crowded into the entryway of this house and locked all of the doors. We were desperately trying to figure out how to fend off these zombies, and Justin Timberlake broke out his supply of weed, which he happened to have on hand. One of us in the room had this great revelation that the zombies, being reanimated corpses, have systems that function at a much slower level than regular humans; so, if we were able to slow them down even more by getting them high, we'd be able to take them out, no problem. So Justin Timberlake gave Molly and me his stash of weed, and we ran around smoking it and blowing the smoke into the faces of the zombies, who then fell down and other people could kill them.

I say that's a damn good reason to smoke weed, and if that situation ever arises for real, I will totally volunteer.



  1. This is by far, the most interesting dream I have ever heard of. Nice JT reference, since we were discussing various boy bands earlier in the day :)

  2. FYI: I'm not, nor have I ever been a certified life guard; however, I'm glad you think of me as hero figure in your dreams and not a pot head. You're welcome.