Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The baby that makes people want to have babies

I'm spending the week in Gastonia with my family (although not that much, since my parents both have full time jobs and are working all this week) and on Tuesday I took Calvin to Mom's work and introduced him to everyone. Even Kristine, who doesn't like children, thought he was adorable, and he even drooled on her--she doesn't like drool--and did his weird little froggy-swim-crawl thing that he's been doing lately. Let me tell you about this crawl: He gets down on his stomach, pushes up on his arms, then throws his arms out to the side and kicks violently in midair. He kind of scoots backward a little bit.

Dad's actually been home the last two days because he's been working nights on something that isn't working properly, but it got fixed so he's back at work today. Calvin and I have hung out and played most of the day, and we took a nap a little while ago. He also kind of scoots sideways...like, rolls over, pulls himself forward, flops onto his back, repeats. He was doing that on the bed and grabbing my face.

Yesterday I bought two pairs of jeans that fit me better than any pants I've had since I had the baby. I am pretty sure that my hips changed shape after I gave birth, but I'm also still heavier than I was, and working on losing the weight.

Since I started writing this last week I have gotten back to the frozen North, where it is thirty degrees colder than it was down South. It is currently snowing. I am cold.

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