Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

Dear Calvin,

If it were not for the calendar on my computer I would have forgotten that today you are eight months old. I am losing track of all the new things you are learning to do, but my favorite is the backward crawl. From your position on your tummy you push up, lean back on your knees, and then...plop back onto your belly and kind of inch backwards deceptively fast. It doesn't even look like you're moving, but you are, and when I turn back you've gone eight feet. You also may have sat up on your own in your crib, but I missed it. I can't remember if I had sat you up before I left the room or if you had been on your belly.

Anyway, we didn't get you the helmet, so I hope your lopsided head resolves itself and you don't have reason to resent me for the rest of your life. It doesn't look bad except from one angle, and even then it's not too bad, and when you have some hair it'll be fine.

You love music, and especially drums. I drummed on the couch today and you and Jack just laughed. So I know what to do if you need to be entertained later today. There are also toys and tickles and hanging upside down. I love watching you play with Jack, because the two of you interact and it's hilarious. He gets too close to the jumpy and I have to move him away because you jump so violently you could give him a concussion. Your leg muscles are insane. The two of you talk to each other and laugh at each other and mimic movements and share (or steal) toys.

You can also stand against the couch now, which is scary but cool. You've learned to feed yourself (sometimes). You just got over your first real illness, a stomach bug that tore up the whole family plus Jack and Molly. You took it like a trooper and got better quickly, even though it messed up some of your pajamas. That's OK. You'll be out of 6-9 month clothes within the month--the pants are already getting too short and I can't button a couple of your pajamas. You're taller than Jack, and growing CONSTANTLY. I can barely remember when you were too small for newborn size clothes.

I love you, munchkin. Thank you for being such a good baby.

Love, Mama

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